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Coping With Childlessness

We approaching that time of year where the triggers related to being childless not by choice get more consistent. Lots of child centered holidays and lots of questions of the nosy and intrusive variety. Here are some quick practical suggestions for any budget that you can do to help yourself manage grief. I’d love to be a part of this journey AND if I’m not the right fit I can help connect you to resources that you feel make the most sense for you at this time. If you would like to book a free consultation with me, if you mention this blog post, I will take 30% off my services for the duration of our time working together. You are not alone. Ok, now back to the coping part of the blog.

Choose to do one of these things (or more) by the end of the year to help yourself in your grief, exhaustion, frustration, and annoyance related to being childless not by choice.

See a Therapist. If you are in Colorado I am licensed in that state. My website is You can also check out and Wellness Guide for other options in other states or countries.

See a Coach. I am a coach AND you can also find additional resources at Wellness Guide and at

Engage with a childless not by choice centered group. If you are single and childless check out www.worldchildlessweek.netalso has a list of groups and resources.

Watch some free webinars. Check out Childless Collective and World Childless Week YouTube channels for a wide variety of content.

Journal. My instagram page @theotherpathcoaching has some prompts to get you started.

Engage with some childless not by choice accounts on Instagram. #childlessnotbychoice #childlesscommunity #embracingchildless are great ways to find accounts that fit your situation.

Make it a habit. Do it consistently. You can dip your toe in at the level you are ready. If you aren’t ready to do any of these today, think about what might it take to be ready for one of these in a month? Could it be making a CNBC account and following some accounts? It is by giving yourself a deadline? Is it by reminding yourself you are worthy of happiness? Maybe it is reminding yourself you are worthy of peace and contentment? Don’t give up on yourself, If you are waiting for a sign that you are worth it, this is IT.

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